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Benefits, Benefits, Benefits...

Every  Veterans goes through the phase of passing through the complex maze of  applying for VA Benefits. Also applying in-time plays crucial role in  obtaining Benefits fully in time.. Every veteran experiance in obtaining  benefits levels and amount of time the process taken is different. It  is our priority to make sure all MEMBERS aquire Benefits fully in  reasonable time.

Apart  for VA Benefits, assimilating veterans to civilian life is challenging  and it is a gradual and slow process. Civilian life these days is more  competetive than decades before. Constant change of technolgy and  education and skills is pivotal in aquiring civilian jobs. That is  essencial for every veteran to sail the lifesmoothly. Being a MEMBER OF  AVCOSD, oppurtunity for continueous education, skills enhancing and  training programmes is at the best. There is steep discount based of  type of subscription for members of various levels on these opputunities  and resources, provided by AVCOSD organization.

Please  post your querries or questions through Blog on the website to reach  National Commander. Doing so the process of AVCOSD activities in Veteran  support is more transparent and other veterans also can avail the  resources in lesser time.

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