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As I awoke this morning(1/29) I noted how wet and cold the weather has become. This almost makes me think that somehow I've been transported back to New York, where I spent my youth. I have been watching the weather with much concern. This is the third ib a series of storms that are passing through our region. I'm concerned that my fellow veterans that choose to stay out doors, due to whatever reason that is(PTSD, Resistance to authority or what ever) might not fare as well as those of us that have moved indoors.

There is an organization in San Diego, Veterans for Peace, that when I was homeless I became involved with. There wer many a night we would hit the streets and find veterans living on the streets. Please understand, I know the reasons for being on the streets are as many as there are veterans, however with the latest series of storms to blow through our area, I urge my veteran brothers to  find shelter and get indoors where it is warm and safe.

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