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All About Us

AVCOSD.ORG is a community service based site with MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS, TRAINING PROGRAMS/CLASSES, administrator moderated BLOG and E-commerce. To push the threshold of activities KAVCOSD RADIO Broadcast/Podcast also embedded in the project. Living in mobile era, all members/non-member can access CONTACT US Page to download FEED-READY app and get notified about activities and notifications from AVCOSD time to time.

Based on the motto "VETERANS HELPING VETERANS HELP THEMSELVES", the platform provides oppurtunity for the honarary veterans and their families to come to an unique stage where buiding strong self serving community, enhancing skills, promoting businesses and ideas. Making every individual member or participant a key element in self development and manage life in million ways.

We are in digital age. Time is of essence. Bringing all services related to VETERANS to a single platform not only makes it easy to apply for benefits, it also gives insight into aquiring 100% benefits without loss.

How to SETUP and use Zoom

Download Zoom  for your Device.  When you receive invitation to join meeting via Text Message/Email link just click on link to connect Live video conferencing/meeting room.

How to Download SKYPE

Download Skype and sign up for free. Make sure to set privacy and secure settings yto your desired levels.Contact National Commander for AVCOSD Skype ID.
How to Request Assistance

All subscribed members are encouraged to post in Blog any assistance souught from AVCOSD organization to bring it to our assistane. It also enables other members with similar problem to seek assistance faster. There by taking initial step to build self supporting veteran community. All postings to blog are subjected to ADMINISTRATOR moderation.

                                                              Login for Services and payment process

All services in this Website require some form of Registration Process. Usually your Email address provided is used as USER ID. The password you create for login for USER-ID is just for AVCOSD website Login-s only. Do not get confused with your actual LOGIN password for your Email Login. Never use the same passsword of your ORIGIANL login for Any other logins for any other website services. It is best practise for safe guarding.

                                                               Subscription Services Payment process

MEMBERSHIP subscription process involves payment through PAYPAL. First month payment is toal of Registration Fee +First Month fee. For the following month there would be automatic payment through paypal. This is industry standard e-commerce procedure for recurrent payments. Members can opt out for Automatic payments by contacting AVCOSD Team. Also if you are not comfortable in signing up for paypal in Registration process for membership, just close the payment window process when you see PAYPAL window and contact AVCOSD Team to pay with regular Credit/Debot card and AVCOSD Team can manual activate your service after.

How to Share Files

All Board Members/subscribed members are encouraged to use internal File Sharing system with in AVCOSD organization to flow information/data smoothly. Current limitation of 16 MB per e-mail attchment is frustating and cumbersumly slower. IT department is taking initial step to build self supporting veteran community. All postings to File Sharing system are subjected to ADMINISTRATOR moderation.

How to access Payments History

All Board Members/subscribed members can access their payments made to AVCOSD organization for various services rendered. You have to Log-in by clicking ICON present in the Header or by clicking link available in the footer of any web page of AVCOSD organization.Any querries / grivences please contact AVCO Team through the Contact Us page.


Some Important updates information related to



Here is pdf form 6 to download

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